about ProjectYellow

ProjectYellow was established in 2013 as an alternative service provider to expensive, mass marketed, high overhead service providers. We offer a host of services at affordable prices without sacrificing reliable, high quality services that you can depend on.

Our assets currently span in Vancouver and Calgary. Our experience with our own real estate are paramount in our ability to provide you with the greatest industry services and knowledge based on real life actions. Our own investment in the real estate industry attest to our belief in the success of this avenue for investments.

We prensently assist in the management of rental units throughout Calgary for many of our clients and provide quality Property Assistance services to make their investments profitable and stress-free.

There is no project that is too small, whether you are a single rental unit owner, multi-unit rental owner, a joint venture, or even a corporate rental company. We cater to your needs and make your experience as unique as you are.